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views.oauth.title Authorize Application
views.oauth.header Authorize {{ client_name }} Communities ToS;DR Communities The Team at Terms of Service; Didn't Read is committed to "fix the biggest lie on the internet".

We have many communities where you can communicate with Staff, Curators or other Privacy Enthusiasts. Discord Server (Official) While Discord is not the most privacy friendly solution, we've got over 200 members bridged between Matrix and IRC. Join Community Matrix (Official) The decentralized web is here! With our self hosted matrix instance you can connect with any matrix protocol compatible homeserver to chat with Discord and IRC members at {{ config.matrix_address }} IRC (Official) Old school communication? We've got you covered with our IRC instance at {{ config.irc_address }}. View the room list or join {{ config.irc_channel }} for small talk. Most channels are bridged with Discord. Telegram (Unofficial) Thanks to our community we've got an unofficial Telegram Group as well, bridged with latest announcements from ToS;DR.
views.oauth.authorize.permissions {{ client_name }} will be allowed to do the following
views.oauth.authorize.explanation By authorizing {{ client_name }} you allow the developer of this application to do actions on behalf of your account. Take your time and read the permissions on the right.
views.oauth.authorize.button.yes Authorize Application Decline Access
views.oauth.authorize.redirect Redirects back to
components.oauth.authorize.permissions.OAUTH_CAN_SEE_EMAIL Read your email address