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your contribution may be included in the source code of ToS;DR and published under the following copyright license: <a href="">View our Privacy Policy</a> A Team member is any person, excluding legal persons, who is listed on the team page of the project website, or who has been granted write access to the project's source code repository. Terms of Contribution <a href="">View our Terms of Contributions</a> All polls shall be organized by a Contributor announcing the intention to create a poll to the public email group. The poll shall occur if not less than three people agree to a vote using the final text of the given poll within a seven day period of the final text being posted. The poll shall take place and be officiated by a Team member no less than 10 days from a poll being organized, and no more than 25 days. Team members maintain special privilege to call a poll at any time as long as said poll is announced no less than 10 days prior. No poll shall be valid if less than three Contributors cast votes. <b>Nothing here should be considered legal advice.</b> We express our opinion with no guarantee and we do not endorse any service in any way. Please refer to a qualified attorney for legal advice. <b>Reading ToS;DR is in no way a replacement for reading the full terms to which you are bound.</b> Disclosure: our list of donors and supporters <a href="/thanks">is public</a>.
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views.presskit.container.text With our Presskit you can download official branding images to share on your website, social media or anywhere else!
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views.service.embed.text Use the codes below to embed a Privacy Shield into a blog post, your website or anywhere else!
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views.thanks.jumbotron.text.1 We would like to thank the individuals and organisations that support the project. Without them, this effort would not be sustainable! Also, special credits to those who helped the project get started:
views.thanks.jumbotron.text.2 the Unhosted movement and the participants of Berlin Hack &amp; Tell at C-Base
views.thanks.jumbotron.text.3 In September 2012, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of people, we managed to reach ten thousand euros and get a grant from Gründer Garage, Google for Entrepreneurs and Siftung Entrepreneurship.
views.thanks.jumbotron.text.4 We are also flattered by the regular support we get from small donations! Thanks to the users of flattr!
views.txt.title tosdr.txt - A new way to crawl your service
views.txt.jumbotron.text With a tosdr.txt, you can make it easy for us to crawl you. Simply place it in the root directory, customize it to your legal documents and let us do the rest. <a href="">Example tosdr.txt</a>
views.txt.form.service_domain.label_muted Only use a domain with toplevel domain or subdomain. No protocol and no path.
views.txt.form.service_domain.invalid_feedback Please make sure not to use a protocol or a path in your domain!