Key English Dutch State
views.txt.errors.no_domain Please make sure to enter a domain!
views.txt.errors.invalid_domain_list Failed to parse domain {{ domain }}
views.new_service.form.service_documents.input.document_url.hint Where we should fetch this document
views.new_service.form.service_documents.input.document_xpath.hint The location of the terms on the page (Using <a href="" target="_blank">XPath</a>.) <i>(Optional)</i>
views.new_service.form.service_documents.input.document_xpath.invalid_feedback Looks like the XPath is not valid?
views.new_service.form.invalid.alert Some fields are invalid. Check those before submitting the form!
views.new_service.form.success.alert The service has been submitted. Check back later while we verify it.
views.new_service.form.service_email.valid_feedback We'll contact you about the service status with this email!
views.new_service.form.service_email.invalid_feedback That doesn't look like a valid email
views.new_service.form.service_email.label_muted Optionally, an email address where we will send an automated mail about the status of your request.
components.navbar.simple.text Site Navigation
views.txt.errors.invalid_key Cannot parse key "{{ got }}" in line {{ line }}.
views.txt.errors.curl_error CURL error trying to get {{ path }}
views.txt.card.results.failed_validations.h5 Failed Validations:
views.txt.card.results.result.h5 Parsed tosdr.txt
components.footer.classification Classification
components.footer.thanks Thanks
components.footer.txt tosdr.txt
views.donate.jumbotron.header Donate to Terms of Service; Didn't Read
views.donate.jumbotron.title Donate