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Perform search immediately if a category selected. Disable to select multiple categories. (JavaScript required)
Displays your IP if the query is "ip" and your user agent if the query contains "user agent".
Tracker URL remover
Remove trackers arguments from the returned URL
Vim-like hotkeys
Navigate search results with Vim-like hotkeys (JavaScript required). Press "h" key on main or result page to get help.
The ToS;DR Team
Privacy Alternative
Get privacy friendly alternatives from popular services.
Report a bug to the maintainer
Privacy friendly alternatives to {service}
Does some Ascii Stuff
Bitcoin Index
Get a the bitcoin index via currency or by default via USD, EUR and GBP
The current Bitcoin index is
Cheatsheet Index
Cheatsheet module to load some awesome modules found around the web.
Guitar Cheatsheet
Cheatsheet Images by {source}
{service} has a Privacy {grade} on ToS;DR