Context English Occitan State
Cheatsheet Images by {source}
{service} has a Privacy {grade} on ToS;DR
ToS;DR Grade
Get a grade from ToS;DR using the ToS;DR API
Hash Generator
Generate md4, md5, sha1, sha256 and sha512 hashes
Leetspeak Answerer
L 3 3 '][' 5 |D 3 /-\ |< I 5 C 0 0 |_
Nato Converter
Converts words into the nato phonetic alphabet
Onion Notice
Give a notice if an onion address has been queried
Random value generator Generator aleatòri
Generate different random values Crèa de valors aleatòrias diferentas
Page not found Pagina pas trobada
Go to %(search_page)s. Anar a %(search_page)s.
search page cercar dins la pagina
about a prepaus
Advanced settings Paramètres avançats
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